We offer a range of different plantation shutters to suit your style and budget.

Our shutters in Colchester suit every type of room and décor. Whether your home is traditional or ultra-modern, we have window shutters that will look amazing. Your home will be kept, cool in the summer and warm in the winter, whilst looking chic all year.

Full Height Shutters

Our full height shutters cover the whole window or door, from top to bottom. We will make them bespoke to match your windows, allowing you to control the amount of light and heat entering the room whilst controlling privacy. If you want full versatility, we can manufacture the shutters in sections giving additional flexibility.

Full Height Wood Shutter

Café Style Shutters

Cafe Style Shutter

Café-style shutters give you the maximum light, whilst still giving privacy. Leaving the top part of the window open, light is maximised, whilst the lower half are covered with the shutter. Not only do they look great but they provide total practicality and stunning good looks. If you have an older style property or are looking to convey a cottage-style habitat, the café-style plantation shutters tick all the boxes.

Tier On Tier Shutters

Our tier-on-tier shutters in Colchester have been specifically designed so that the top and bottom shutters work separately from each other. Combining the look of full height shutters, with the practicalities of the café-style shutter. This option provides you with complete versatility as you can open and close the sections according to the amount of light or air you want to come into the room and how much privacy you need.

Tier on Tier Faux Wood Shutter

About Our Shutter Styles

Not only do we offer our three different styles, but we offer different materials, louvre width and colour. Whatever your budget and design style, we can offer a shutter to match. Don’t worry if this all seems confusing – in our free no obligation initial survey we will show you samples and explain the options available for your windows.

Our shutters come with a 3 year warranty.


High Quality Superior Window and Door Shutters Colchester

Our plantation shutters, whether full height, café-style or tier-on-tier, allow you to control your light and privacy, offering you an energy efficient, fire retardant and child safe (no cords) alternative to traditional window coverings such as blinds and curtains.

Our shutters are made to measure and are offered in a range of different materials.
We can make your shutters in sustainable traditional wood which can then be stained or painted, and includes the option of solid wood panels.

Our most popular material is faux wood (composite): a polyresin base with a poly vinyl skin. We love this range as we feel it offers several benefits. With improved moisture resistance, and low maintenance this offers the best value and greater durability. The best thing is that our faux wood shutters look and feel just as good as wood. We are so confident on the quality and craftmanship in our faux wood shutters that we offer a 3 year guarantee.

For wet areas, such as swimming pools and wet rooms, we offer vinyl.

In our appointment we will discuss you all options, and provide professional advice on what suits your room and needs best.



We can offer several design styles of shutters covering full height, café style and tier on tier. Not all styles will be suitable for all windows but we will discuss the options for your windows or doors with you on our first visit.


Louvre Widths

Louvre widths are available in a range of widths.
As a general rule, the thicker the louvre, the more light given as there are less louvres in the panel.



Our wood range can be custom painted to suit your colour scheme or painted in one of our standard colours.

Our standard faux shutters are available in white or cream or we can offer a choice of painted pastel shades if you prefer, for an extra charge.

Vinyl is available in white which is perfect for swimming pool and wet areas.



A choice of finishes including white, cream, chrome or stainless steel. We recommend stainless steel for rooms with high moisture.



Plantation shutters are very popular in bay windows. If you have a quirky shaped window, it is likely we can custom make a shutter to suit the window – and you.


Opening Options

We offer a choice of mechanics for opening the louvres on your shutters. The choice will depend on the individual look you prefer for your shutters. The tilt rods can be visible, half hidden, invisible, off-set, central, or split depending on the product chosen. This will all be shown and explained on your survey visit.


*On composite shutters